"You shall be a lighthouse in the storms of change!"

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An Apostolic Network of Christians Uniting Together for Christ!

"You are the light of the world... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven."        Jesus Christ

New Covenant Family of Ministries is an apostolic ministry that was established in August of 1999 for the uniting together of fellowships, spiritual coverings, and equipping of the saints. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we realized that there were many churches, including the house church and those that found themselves "outside" of the "structured" church, with no help from others. In the last 15 years, one of the fastest growing segments of the church has been the nondenominational and independent churches. In the last several years there has also been an outpouring of people who have left the "structured" church meetings and are finding Christian community in ways they, nor we at first ever imagined could happen.  We believe from this tremendous growth that God is now creating apostolic networks. Networks that will help churches and Christians link arms with one another to increase the unity, and strength of the 21st Century church.
N.C.F.M. was created to be a help to many who find themselves at different stages of their walk, to help them fulfill their purpose while here on planet Earth.  We are not another denomination nor are we looking to be. We believe that there is tremendous change upon "The Church" now and God is helping to position us with others in this fast, fluid change. It's an exciting time to be a Christian and follow Jesus Christ where He leads. It may not always look like "church" as you knew it, but I believe that it will begin to look more and more like Jesus Christ as we follow Him.

Thanks for visiting N.C.F.M.'s web site, and we hope that God will lead you to those who can help you accomplish what HE has called you to do for you have been put on this planet for a reason. You are not a mistake, you are not alone and you have a purpose. Whether you find yourself as a ministry, a small group, or an individual that has no one else to talk to, N.C.F.M. would love to share the "Love of the Father" with you, pray with you, and believe God with you and for you.

Where ever God leads you our prayer is that you will be connected to those that encourage you, uplift you, believe God with you and help you as you walk out this wonderful journey that God has given you. Please feel free to contact us with your prayer request, your questions, your thoughts at ncfm@ncfm.net and know that your are ALWAYS on God's heart. 


Founding Pastors Rusty and Lynn Sharp

Rusty's email:  rusty@ncfm.net




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